Who makes Evil Bone Water?
Our Master Herbalist, Dr. Mark T. Brinson is the maker of EBW, supported by a team of dedicated professionals.


What are common uses for EBW?
Sports Injuries, Joint Pain, Spinal Pain, Muscle & Ligament Pain, Bruising, Sprains, Broken Bones, Cuts & Insect Bites, Skin Conditions, Infections, etc.

Can I Order Spray Tops Separately?
We encourage wholesale practitioners to order their spray tops upon ordering their case of EBW to ensure the ordering process is smoother.

Can I Order Extra Spray Tops?
Upon ordering your cases of EBW, you are welcome to purchase up to 24 spray tops total at $1 each.

Can I Order Over the Phone?
We encourage our wholesale practitioners to utilize the online ordering process so that your payment and contact information will be saved for future orders.

Does EBW Ship Internationally?
We ship domestic and International cases (with the inclusion of additional International taxes/shipping costs) excluding Canada at this time due to hyper-increased regulations with customs.

Does EBW Have Any Promotional Materials Available for Marketing/Advertising?
We direct our wholesale practitioners to source our website and social medias (FaceBook, Instagram, TikTok) as well as valleyhealthclinic.com to utilize any of our collective resources (i.e. Pictures, Instructions on use, Applications, and Benefits).

Can I Buy EBW By the Bottle?
Yes, we encourage our wholesale practitioners to check out our Retailer Map Feature on the homepage of our website and search by zipcode to find retailers selling EBW by-the-bottle near you!

Can Licensed Professionals Other Than Acupuncturists Order EBW?
At this time, we only sell EBW wholesale to actively Licensed Acupuncturists, and are working and looking forward to offering this service to other Licensed Professionals in the near future! We are now a vendor for the Veterans Administration, and EBW will be stocked in VA clinics nationally! We also allow wholesale purchase for current students studying Oriental Medicine.

Can I Use EBW On Pets? (i.e. Dogs, Cats, Horses)
Users have reported that EBW has been proven to be effective for use on many pets, especially, dogs, cats, and horses for any pain, paralysis, itchiness, or sores to ease your pets’ pain and discomfort.

Can I Use EBW On an Open Wound?
Yes, EBW is safe to use on open wounds of all sorts with the caution that upon first application, it may cause a burning sensation but numbs within the first few seconds of use.

Can I Use EBW On Stitches?
Users have reported EBW is safe to use on and around the site of stitches.

Can I Apply EBW to the Same Area More Than 2x a Day?
Yes; typical application is 3-4x per day on the same area, however, EBW can cause dryness in excess of 3-4x per day. Our team advises application of moisturizer following use.

Can EBW Be Used on Kids?
Users have reported that EBW has been used on kids for sports injuries, pain, bug bites, bug spray etc. for effective use. Do not drink.

Can EBW Be Used By Pregnant Women?
Yes, do not apply on the abdomen during pregnancy. Only apply EBW on the sacrum area during or prior to labor.