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Evil Bone Water Sports Medicine Pain Relief


How To Use


Lightly moisten a cotton ball, gauze pad or piece of flannel with Evil Bone Water.
Or just spray on.


Apply Evil Bone Water to the affected area and either rub in or hold on the area for
2-90 minutes as a compress. 

Do not cover with plastic.

Allow to breathe.


You should experience relief fairly quickly and a numbing effect for around
45 minutes.

Repeating 2-4x a day is ideal for most cases.

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Since my original purchase of Evil Bone Water (Zheng Xie Gu Shui),
I must say it has changed my and my family's life forever!!  I had my ACL replaced years ago and have always had inflammation and pain.  I am no longer suffering from those symptoms. I was so amazed how the product works that I bought a bottle for each member of my family.  the have been telling me that it has been a miracle for their aches and recovery. Our family gives Evil Bone Water the highest of ratings and believe everyone should have a bottle on hand to speed up recuperation and healing from life and training.

Bless Everyone at this
Wonderful Company!

Was introduced just a month ago and it works wonders for my sciatic pain and even a wasp sting I had on my calf. Very cooling and leaves me feeling pain free.

The "Evil Bone Water
(Zheng Xie Gu Shui) 3.4oz" exceeded
all my expectations. It not only relieved my chronic persistent issues I have had for years; I am now free from all the inflammation and pain from them. To me it has been a Miracle and a Blessing.  I am ordering bottles as presents for Birthdays and Christmas for my family.  I am confident, once my family is blessed with the same results that I experienced, they will shar that with their friends.  This will then be the beginning of a healing that will spread worldwide!!

Evil Bone Water is proudly made in the United States of America using the highest quality ingredients. Each step of the production process is conducted on United States soil, so our team can guarantee each bottle of EBW meets our high standards.

Evil Bone Water is a proud member of the Veteran Owned Business Project. VOB is the leading network portal of over 400,000 supporters and nearly 34,000 businesses owned by military veterans